Reasons to Trim or Prune your Tree

Almost every homeowner has shrubs or trees in their home. Most of them have both. Though almost all individuals have these huge plants in their home, not all realize the significance of routine trimming of trees and pruning of shrubs. It could lead to a lot of issues if you don’t take care of the shrubs and trees.

Here are several reasons why you should avail tree trimming and shrub pruning:

  • Make the Lawn More Beautiful

Helping the lawn look its best is one of the greatest reasons to get tree trimming services. It’s like offering the trees and bushes a haircut when you get them trimmed and pruned. It could completely change the appearance of your lawn. This makes it more appealing and attractive to spend time in.

  • Improve the Growth of the Trees and Shrubs

The tree is forced to offer resources to help the plagued limb whenever a branch on a tree struggles to grow or suffers from an illness. Whenever you get rid of these stunted and diseased branches from the tree, it provides the tree extra resources that it could utilize to develop its root system. This would make the tree healthier and heartier. Also, you would notice a big improvement in the growth of the tree after using tree services, such as trimming and pruning.

  • Get Rid of Dangerous Branches and Limbs

Preventing branches from falling off is one of the most important reasons that you must get the trees trimmed regularly. A huge storm would knock tree branches down all over the yard when it hits. The limb can damage your cars or house or hurt a person if it falls from one of the trees. You could avoid these issues by getting rid of dying and dead branches before they could get knocked off by a storm.

  • Enhance the View of your Property

Shrubs and trees could begin to obstruct the views you have from your house as they grow over the years. You could enhance the view by trimming trees and pruning the shrubs to open up the views you love from your home.

  • Treat Disease from Branches

Trimming them is frequently one of the most efficient treatments when shrubs and trees get sick. Trimming the diseased portions of the shrubs or trees could stop the disease from spreading. Also, it helps the limbs to heal more quickly.

You should not go crazy with tree trimming services, even though routine trimming or trees and pruning of shrubs are significant. You should be careful not to eliminate too much from the tree or shrub when it comes to pruning or trimming them. It would affect the growth of the shrubs and plants if you over trim them. Aside from that, serious over trimming could even kill the trees. Using careful trimming, you would make sure that the growth and health of your trees and shrubs on your property will not be affected.

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What are the things You Need to Know About Topping

Topping is an intense form of trimming or pruning a tree. In tree topping the height of the tree is drastically reduced by either removing the large limbs or by cutting the main tree trunk at your desired height.

Tree topping has plenty of practical applications such as pollarding or coppicing, these are two practices that are being used in wood harvesting industry. On the other hand, topping a residential tree is not often a necessary action.

Misconceptions about topping

There’s also a misconception about topping, the first thing you need to know about is topping is that generally it is not highly recommended. Topping s used more often as a last resort, after all things have been done and all alternatives have been exhausted. There are a lot of common misconceptions about tree topping and this lead to most people to consider that topping trees is a good option. If you believe that topping reduces the debris, the mess of leaves that your tree makes, this is only possible in a limited time. As a matter of fact, the new shoots of leaves that grows out from the topped tree more often grow faster and in fuller than before, and this will leave you with even more and more leaves to handle and deal with.

Another misconception about tree topping is that it reduces the risk of falling trees. This is actually not true for the reason that topping of trees can cause a high risk because of the unbalanced weight. Furthermore, for just looking is not enough to identify that the tree is about to fall, a specialist and certified arborist can help you determine if there are undeniable and obvious signs of structural weakness that may eventually lead to a collapse.

If you believe your tree need to be topped always consult an expert a certified arborist or tree service, you can visit for further assistance they can guide you properly and help you decide if topping is necessary. As there are many of other options you can take and that are much safer for your tree.

Topping is indeed a dangerous last resort. For the reason that, topping any tree can actually result in severe stress and damage as well as may lead to the death of your tree. For plenty of reasons, topping a tree can be particularly hazardous to the health of your tree. Tree topping can actually remove a large portion of your tree’s leaves and this could harm you tree in particular. For the reason that a tree with no capacity to sustain itself through the photosynthesis process will sooner or later starve to death.  Also, keep this in mind, topping will also leave your tree susceptible to bark damage, decay-causing organisms and sun scald, in which will eventually cause the death of the tree.

Also, the new growth, new leaves that comes out after topping is very susceptible to pathogens and insects same goes with the stub that was being left from the cut.

Always remember to consult an expert, a certified arborist prior to proceeding to top a tree, because topping is not just dangerous for the tree but could also be dangerous for the person who will be doing the cutting.

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