Dog Grooming Basics You Should Know

Dogs are cute pets that need your utmost attention and care. And just like humans, they require good hygiene and healthy living. One way you can be sure that your dog looks good and healthy at all times is through proper grooming. Dog grooming services are provided by many businesses these days so it’s easier for pet owners like you to take care of their dogs. 

Dog Grooming

And to make things even more convenient for you, dog grooming is brought right to your door. You don’t need to walk or drive your pet to the groomers these days because they can come to you instead. That definitely is one of the best things that happened to pet care. If you take advantage of mobile pet grooming services, your dog will enjoy the following services right at your doorstep: 

  1. On-site grooming assessment 

The groomers will take a good look at your pet and determine what services it needs. Some dogs are well groomed that they don’t need a lot of things done, which means lower service charges for you. Others are a little bit on the not-so-groomed side that they need some or all of the other services listed below.  

  1. Nail grinding and clipping 

The nails of your dog need to be clipped regularly so they don’t make major damages when they scrape or scratch. Dogs that are groomed regularly may not require nail clipping unless their nails have grown abnormally long. 

  1. Brushing

For dogs with a long mane, brushing is necessary before any other grooming service is provided. Brushing removes the tangles on the hair that may otherwise get worse once soap or shampoo is applied. Brushing should also be done after bathing and blow drying. 

  1. Bathing

This must be the favorite of dogs and the major grooming service that they can get. Your dog will be bathed properly so that they smell fresh and clean all day long. Big dogs don’t have to bathe as often as the smaller ones but they have to be bathed once they start to smell.  

  1. Eye and ears cleaning

Bathing is almost always never enough. Your dog needs to have its eyes and ears cleaned very well. This is usually included in the basic service provided and is done right after bathing. It’s important that these body parts are clean and clear to prevent infections.  

  1. 6. Blow drying 

After your pet has been bathed, they have to be dried accordingly. This gives the hair of your dog a soft, fluffy feel. After all of the services above have been performed, your pet will feel fresh and active the whole day.  

These are just some of the services that mobile dog grooming offers. Of course, if you already have a preferred grooming salon for your dog, you can always send them there so you don’t have to familiarize yourself all over again with the new processes of a new provider. 

But then again, you need to try the best dog grooming Boca Raton provides. If you live in the area, it pays to give your dog the grandest grooming treat that it can enjoy. Make this day the most refreshing one for your pet. 

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